Yasuyuki Onuma, Owner Chef

Born in 1961. After training at Rengaya in Daikanyama and Lecrin in Ginza,
Onuma worked as the master chef at Fit Resort and Karuizawa 900 City Club, and as the head of the kitchen at HAKONE AUBERGE AU MIRADOR. Subsequently, he opened Primavera in 1996.
He has since made additions to the hotel into what Auberge is today.
Currently, he also manages Pyrenees, a sister restaurant where guests can enjoy grilled cuisine.

The act of eating is an indispensable part of maintaining life. At the same time, it sometimes moves us in the same way that great art and music inspire us. The new sensation that travels from the palate through your entire body, brought forth by an unexpected combination of ingredients and cooking that is sensitive to the signs of the times, is comparable to that moment when you stand in front of a canvas flooding with vibrant colors, or that immediate sensation you feel when a storm of gushing melodies overtake you. Moreover, the fulfillment that you experience when you slowly savor the foods that are mild and nourishing is similar to the peace of mind you get when you yield to soft colors or an elegant sound.
We hold to the principle that what needs to be created in midst of the changes of Karuizawa's four seasons ought to be a comprehensive culinary environment that feature both uniqueness and universality.

Interview of the "Invitation to Auberge"

Karuizawa Auberge de Primavera